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King of Kings survey (English)

Kamppailu-urheilulajit eli BJJ, MMA, nyrkkeily, paini, potkunyrkkeily, thainyrkkeily jne.

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King of Kings survey (English)

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Hello, Martial arts fans!

I am a 4 year student from ISM management and economics university and I am currently writing a bachelor thesis and conducting a research. AND I NEED YOUR HELP, therefore, I invite you to participate in this research to contribute to great cause and bring this Martial Arts Project to Finland!

To fill up this survey will take only 15min of your time.❗❗
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King of Kings survey (English)

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Welcome aboard! :tervetuloa:

It's a good thing you are doing this. In fact, earlier this year there was discussion about the planned date for the event in Finland. In this post, a few pointers were given by [mention]antti_lk[/mention]. He mentions that no successful martial arts events in Finland have been held in May. He adds that Ice-hockey World Championship games might be on at the same time, and that's a tough competition for any event in Finland. He also says that after a long and grueling winter people can finally spend time outside, so they will.

I took the survey. Some questions were repeated, and the options for social media were limited to nü-social media (Facebook, etc.), but it's good you are doing this. Hopefully this is helpful to KOK. :)
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